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Pro Outsourcing Ltd., your professional procurement consultancy expert, emphasises the absolute necessity of performing a robust supplier audit verification process before initiating any collaboration with factories. We strongly recommend at least a basic supplier audit to ensure reliability, or a more extensive financial audit to further reduce potential risks.

In strategic alliance with the International Financial Analysts (IFA) and inspection companies accredited by the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), we provide a comprehensive pre-order factory visit and inspection service. This rigorous assessment focuses on several critical aspects of your prospective supplier:

We meticulously examine their business and export licenses, validate various certificates, and cross-verify bank details, ensuring all legal and financial aspects align with the expectations and compliance standards. Our experts delve into the supplier’s workforce, evaluating employee expertise and organisational structure, giving you a clear insight into the supplier’s reliability and stability.

We further explore production capabilities and equipment, determining if your prospective supplier can meet your volume and quality expectations. This extends to their Quality Control (QC) management; we assess their ability to maintain product standards consistently, thus ensuring your investment is in safe hands.

And should you have any special requirements, we’re always ready to tailor our evaluation process to suit your unique needs, providing bespoke assessments and insights to match your specifications.

By availing our services, you gain an added layer of security when starting cooperation with a new supplier. With Pro Outsourcing Ltd., safeguard your business by making informed, confident decisions backed by comprehensive, professional analyses.s

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