Case Study

Schlemmer Group

The Schlemmer Group is a global supplier to the Automotive, Industry & Appliances sectors with the companies headquartered in Poing, Germany. Globalisation of supply has seen substantial growth with markets hungry for ever more product requirements.
Pro Outsourcing are contracted to manage several strategic procurement projects including; market research and the global sourcing of new product lines. Utilising procurement sourcing excellence, we were immediately able to apply best-in-class approaches to the projects ensuring strict sustainability and corporate social responsibility criteria was followed and the ability to manufacture and deliver on a global scale.
After an extensive research program resulting in a robust procurement strategy, Pro Outsourcing where able to identify the best global region for procuring the new product lines. Producing detailed request for quotations and completing a number of supplier audits, We were able to successfully complete several projects that fulfilled Schlemmer requirements and was able to provide substantial cost savings for existing products.
Hermann Biedermann
“…Schlemmer engaged Pro Outsourcing to perform market research, product/supplier sourcing & new product introduction. The suppliers needed to meet strict sustainability and corporate social responsibility criteria and have the ability to manufacture and deliver on a global scale to support the Schlemmer worldwide distribution network. Pro Outsourcing combine world class procurement knowledge with practical advice on how to put that knowledge into practice for improved performance and results We are more than happy with the result and continue to utilise their services for our strategic procurement needs…”
Hermann Biedermann
Vice President Markets Industry