Case Study

Arvia Technologies Ltd

Arvia is an award-winning innovator in water treatment technology and a spin out from the University of Manchester. working with several water utility and ground water companies to find innovative, cost saving solutions to their industrial and trade effluents.
Pro Outsourcing were contracted to perform a full review with the focus on reducing cost of manufacture and allow Arvia to compete against existing technologies. Using our knowledge of materials & production processes together with Design to cost modelling (DTC) we were able to offer significant improvements to existing designs.
The results achieved have been simply staggering. Working closely with the design and engineering team, we focused on DTC principles to use alternative materials, products and manufacturing techniques to reduce the overall cost of the reactor units by 98%. As well as successfully partnering with several capable companies that cannot only deliver to the requirements but could also share best practice within the industry
“…Pro Outsourcing was able to quickly identify key cost areas and put together a team with expertise in design to cost (DTC). Leading the design changes which enabled us to buy alternative parts, use a cost effective way to manufacture and use cheaper materials. They then worked to extract spending information from our SAGE system to project future spending volumes. Developed an inventory of available suppliers, and invited a select number of these suppliers providing them with a request for quotation (RFQ) package that outlined the volumes, projections, and partnerships sought.
The team analysed the RFQ responses and conducted multiple rounds of negotiations with the potential suppliers. To validate the information in the RFQs, Pro Outsourcing together with our internal team visited the high-potential suppliers to confirm and assess their capabilities. The on-site visits included reviewing engineering capabilities, technical components, and financial stability, as well as quality audits.
Pro Outsourcing have been invaluable to the growth of our company offering substantial savings and we continue to use their services to embed the changes and ensure everything is managed through to fruition....”
Dr Mikael Khan
Director of Technology