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Electric power transmission cables, Telecommunications and systems industry is part of a complex global market environment. The market for manufacturing and processing cables, electronic components, parts and full systems is difficult. There are many different specifications, certifications and legislative constraints, which make getting a comprehensive comparison of suppliers, the required specifications and the price a complex task.

The amount of quotations and details needed to assemble an electronic component makes it difficult to identify the best supplier for your needs. Selecting production sites and sales markets also plays an important role in avoiding high transport and logistics costs.

Suppliers of electronic components for control and regulating technology often lack transparency in terms of the actual specifications required. As a result, overspecified electronic components can be used at unnecessary cost. The smallest details are often the keys to reducing procurement costs. The requirements of fast-moving markets are becoming ever more complex, making sustainable optimization even more difficult.

This requires constant monitoring, and there are often not enough resources available in core procurement activities. If there has been a supplier base for decades, there is usually little openness towards new candidates. As a specialist consultancy, we know the market and the right levers. We reduce complexity and optimize your procurement and supply chain for the long term.


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Leader Optec is a leading fibre optic specialist offering UK manufactured connectivity products