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Perfect procurement and streamlined supply chain

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Running a business without stopping to analyse your data regularly is a bit like training for a marathon without ever entering the race – you’ll never truly understand what you’re capable of.

Even if you’re convinced you’re performing at your best, there’s always room for improvement within procurement and supply chain. We are experts in showing businesses of all sizes how to perfect procurement and streamline supply chains. We will identify where you can cut costs, change processes and shake-up structures to ultimately run more efficiently, reach more customers and become more profitable.

Without our strategic planning, you might never know how good you could be.

The Benefits – We’ll advise you on:


Analysing the wider potential of your business model Pro Outsourcing can provide expert help across a wide variety of cost areas, adding value to your contract negotiations on a short, medium, or long term basis when you need it. We review highly strategic and business critical areas for our clients. We are experts in a wide range of indirect spend analysis. Our service is designed to bring in the relevant specialists at the right time


Reviewing your entire goods acquisition process Pro Outsourcing will conduct a full audit of your procurement function, reviewing internal processes and policies, sourcing plans, systems, supplier management, risk and contract management. The output from this process is to create a Priority Action Plan (PAP), with clearly defined actions, timescales and responsibilities in order to support effective implementation.


Advice on the strategy and supplier identification. We can source anything from anywhere in the world. Leveraging our scale and strength, we will add value and achieve efficiencies that do not only support reliability, mitigate risk and improve your effectiveness in the marketplace, we will also demonstrate a tangible impact on your bottom line.

Spend Reviews

Pro Outsourcing provides a complete organisational review of spend. Identifying key trends and organisational inefficiencies. Providing a spend reduction map to significantly reduce costs.

Strategy Planning

Strategic planning is the continuous procurement process of discovering, prioritizing, improving, and re-evaluating sourcing activities.

We at Pro Outsourcing deliver Strategic planning that has helped companies achieve substantial cost savings along with other sourcing & supply chain objectives. Strategic sourcing is a well-planned ongoing process of proactive actions, where procurement takes a leading role in satisfying business needs and adding value to the company. Actively managing your supply chain means collaborating with internal stakeholders and suppliers, critically analyzing company spend, and managing supplier risks.

If you want to implement strategic planning in your organisation and have little prior experience, our consultants can take the strain and deliver the full plan to you.

Purchasing Process

In a well run purchasing department there should always be a set of purchasing procedures. This is usually a formal document or manual that sets out the team’s responsibilities in the purchasing cycle as well as detailing each of the specific purchasing procedures.

We at Pro Outsourcing deliver a specific process that fits your company that helps companies achieve improved efficiencies.

Team Structure

Efficiency planning so you get the best out of your staff – Structure can make or break a team, and we have plenty of experience of putting in place a structure that not only works for the function but for all the stackholders involved with Procurement & Supply chain. Define & embed the team developing objectives and SMART KPI’s.

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