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Local Government
Effective procurement is becoming more important for local government as we see demand for services increase, while resources are reduced year on year. By using innovative approaches council procurement teams can deliver better outcomes and value for money for residents, as well as maximising social value for their communities. Many councils and combined authorities are already working with Pro Outsourcing. Our managed service gives them full control and visibility of each project, a high level of risk management through an outcome-driven approach, and exceptional value, with average savings of between 11 and 19% on project completion.
Social Housing
Social housing providers are coming under increased pressure through a mix of demand outstripping supply, government legislation and a change in population. Government policies such as Universal Credit, the 1% rent reduction and the extension of Right to Buy have put this sector under financial strain. The Office for National Statistics projects the UK population will grow by 3.6 million over the next 10 years passing 70 million by 2029 so the demand for social housing will come under even more pressure. Having worked with some of the largest housing associations in the UK, Pro Outsourcing understands these pressures. We allow overstretched procurement teams to focus on strategic issues, adding more benefit to their association as a result. We have helped these customers with processes, procedures, staff training and conformity to assist the procurement of professional services across all categories such as ICT, Construction and Fire Safety Inspections.

Case Study


Valleys to Coast Housing

Have a read of our recent work package assisting Valleys to coast housing in South Wales.

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