“…It is vital that our medical and veterinary supplies are efficient within the global supply chain, Pro Outsourcing have supported IMS Euro to strategically develop our procurement & supply chain function to cope with our significant growth, increasing cost challenges and the need for faster speed to market. Collaborating with Pro Outsourcing elevated the Procurement function, making the sourcing process more structured and analytical, leveraging above all the collaboration with suppliers to achieve the ambitious cost reduction objectives, which we are already seeing fantastic results…” 
Omar Shamot 
Procurement Director - IMS Euro Ltd 
“…P & A is a Top 1,000 UK growth company in 2017 & 18, (Top 20 in Wales) and operates in several seasonal markets with constantly changing variables. This puts constant pressure on our supply chain and distribution functions to be handling ever increasing volumes. Pro Outsourcing reviewed our current ICT to improve efficiency by integrating the order processes. We have seen an immediate increase in the speed with which we process tasks as well as an increase in our capacity to do so. Costs to process sales orders have decreased considerably, and we have freed up staff time to have meaningful conversations with customers instead of simply processing orders. We are confident that this will lead to more satisfied customers and hopefully further growth…” 
Wyn Jones 
Strategic Development - P&A Group 
“…Jointing Technologies have used the services of Pro Outsourcing over the past five years to source products on our behalf. They have consistently delivered significant cost reductions, meaning that we always stay ahead in a very fast moving and competitive environment. 
I personally recommend their procurement & supply chain services and will continue to utilise them when required…" 
Adam Lloyd 
Managing Director - Jointing Technologies 
“…Brought in to deliver on our supplier strategy and review our mrp software. During this process they identified various shortfalls in our practices and have displayed an exceptional ability to address business complexity with clarity and logic - resolving issues and constraints quickly and efficiently. Their approach is further supported by a deep understanding of purchasing/supply chain leveraged to deliver the objectives of the business. Tom is an outstanding professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him…” 
Neil Clarke 
Founder & CCO - Evoke Creative Ltd 
“…Pro Outsourcing were able to walk into our business and understand the complex nature of the industry. They created a strategic plan to improve processes, efficiency, ensure compliance & reduce costs. I’m very pleased with the result and look forward to ongoing work with Tom and his team…” 
Julie Hill 
Director - The Lobster Pot Ltd 
"…Valleys to coast required support to review and develop the procurement procedures, complete a training plan and deliver training sessions to all relevant staff. 
Pro Outsourcing offered the skills we needed and achieved the requirement successfully. We will continue to utilise them for further Procurement training events…" 
Director of Development - Valleys to Coast Housing 
“…Pro Outsourcing were able to challenge both ourselves and our suppliers to drive significant and measurable cost savings. With a professional and thorough approach, they integrated into our business, rolled up their sleeves and delivered real value. They conducted a thorough audit of every category they touched and gave us true visibility of the benefit achieved. 
Pro Outsourcing also provide supply chain training which has made a huge difference to how we manage our supply base.…" 
CEO - Involvement Packaging Ltd 
"…We engaged Pro-Outsourcing to provide a rigorous assessment of our procurement & supply chain function. They worked closely with the team to really understand our business requirements and provided a full cost mapping that broke down and categorized our entire spend portfolio. In addition, highlighted a weakness in our ERP software making recommendations to improve them. 
We now have a route map to achieve significant savings and improve the process flow of activity in our ERP software…” 
Managing Director - UnimaqLtd 
“…Pro Outsourcing was able to quickly identify key cost areas and put together a team with expertise in design to cost (DTC). Leading the design changes which enabled us to buy alternative parts, use a cost effective way to manufacture and use cheaper materials. They then worked to extract spending information from our SAGE system to project future spending volumes. Developed an inventory of available suppliers, and invited a select number of these suppliers providing them with a request for quotation (RFQ) package that outlined the volumes, projections, and partnerships sought. 
The team analysed the RFQ responses and conducted multiple rounds of negotiations with the potential suppliers. To validate the information in the RFQs, Pro Outsourcing together with our internal team visited the high-potential suppliers to confirm and assess their capabilities. The on-site visits included reviewing engineering capabilities, technical components, and financial stability, as well as quality audits. 
Pro Outsourcing have been invaluable to the growth of our company offering substantial savings and we continue to use their services to embed the changes and ensure everything is managed through to fruition.…” 
Director of Technology 
"…Schlemmer engaged Pro Outsourcing to perform market research, product/supplier sourcing & new product introduction. The suppliers needed to meet strict sustainability and corporate social responsibility criteria and have the ability to manufacture and deliver on a global scale to support the Schlemmer worldwide distribution network. Pro Outsourcing combine world class procurement knowledge with practical advice on how to put that knowledge into practice for improved performance and results We are more than happy with the result and continue to utilise their services for our strategic procurement needs…” 
Hermann Biedermann 
Vice President Markets Industry 
"...I would just like to thank Tom for his hard work and all the advice given to our company over his recent visits. 
He has been very professional and offered our company some very valuable advice. 
He helped us make a very significant buying decision that will have a huge benefit on our company for many years to come. 
If he would like a recommendation passed onto any other companies wishing to use his services please feel free to put them in touch with us...” 
Managing Director 
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