On time delivery seems simple - an order is placed to be delivered on a specific date. If it arrives in time, it's on time. 
But there are a number of reasons why a supplier might not be able to meet your requested date. 
Order Size - Is your supplier set up to meet your level of requirement or are they geared to bigger customers and larger order quantities? 
Contract - Do you have a pre-agreed contract which includes the need to deliver on time? 
The supplier is a distributor - If you have selected a distributor as your direct supplier rather than the actual manufacturer of the product, you may find that if they don't manage their supply chain well, you will be impacted. 
Transport delay - If you have decided to source internationally, you may incur some form of delay getting products delivered due to customs clearance, missed gates or bumped off planes. 
Pro-Outsourcing use MCIPS qualified staff to manage order books and can implement KPIs to monitor suppliers and their ability to deliver on time. 
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