Within Procurement there is a very clear cycle that you go through when looking for an item or a service to purchase, either at contract renewal or a brand new item that you are trying to source. You may not realise that the steps that are taken follow this, but applying some thought to it, you do follow this cycle even if you don’t touch each step. 
Pro-Outsourcing have specialist staff that are able to help at all stages of the Procurement Cycle. We group our activities into three main areas: 
Covers the first three steps of the Procurement Cycle; understanding the company/department’s need and developing specification, completing a make/buy assessment and developing a procurement strategy for the purchase of the identified need. We take the time to understand your processes, how we can provide you benefit and help develop sourcing strategies that fit your business and the direction that you want to take it. 
This area of activity looks at what suppliers are available in the market place, which would be able to supply you with your items. We also can act on your behalf as an agent, developing, distributing and analysing responses from tender documents. We would then provide you with all the analysis and supporting documentation to make an informed decision on contract placement. 
Using MCIPS qualified staff, we are able to provide you with a virtual resource to handle the day-to-day tactical execution of the contract, placing orders with the chosen supplier, expediting delivery in line with changing production plans as well as ensuring that any agreed KPIs are kept up to date for review with suppliers as part of your ongoing supplier relationship management. 
Pro Outsourcing are able to offer all, or just part of these services to benefit your business and help you focus on driving your business success. 
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