Employee retention is important to most companies due to the length of time taken in training new staff – they don’t start to become effective until approximately 6 months after their start date. By continually seeing a high turnover of staff, a business loses the knowledge that has built up and has to start from scratch again. But how do you keep your staff and how much does it cost the business? 
Employees that enjoy what they do and the atmosphere in which they work are more likely to stay with the company. Creating a positive work environment will strengthen an employee’s commitment to an organisation. Treating your staff with respect and avoiding a culture of blame will go further than discounted gym membership and a token hamper at Christmas. 
A high employee turnover increases a company’s expenses – if recruitment consultants are used, they can charge 20% of the employee’s salary in placement fees. It can also have a negative impact on the morale within the organisation – employees having to take on additional work to fill the gap as well as support new employees as they travel the step learning curve of a new job. This may also mean that the quality of work suffers, with decisions made by overworked or new employees that directly impacts the business. 
Our service prevents this from occurring. Our MCIPS qualified staff are cross-trained, automatically being able to cover other staff without impacting on your business – you don’t have to cover holidays where normally other members of staff take on additional work, or more often than not the work just doesn’t get done. 
We will have a back up already in place to cover your work should we be in the unfortunate position of losing an employee and it won’t affect the service that we offer you. 
Call today to see how we can assist your procurement & Supplychain department become ultra efficient! 
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