Purchasing is the function of buying goods & services from an external source which in most cases, is driven by manual requisition or MRP demand signals. 
Because it is a functional activity, organisations require resource to review the demand, raise the purchase orders in accordance with internal process, ensure the communications between buyer/seller are in place and then arrange the timely delivery in accordance with required dates. In some growing businesses this activity is not given the required attention and can therefore lead to poor supplychain management causing late deliveries and increased costs leaving all parties frustrated.  
A recent study by APQC suggested that the cost to raise purchase orders varied on the level of employee performance from $35.88(£27.08) to $506.52(£382.32) 
By utilizing a company that provides purchasing as a service you will instantly improve departmental performance & supplier performance.  
We have a proven background in delivering purchasing as a service. Pro Outsourcing use MCIPS qualified staff to manage order books and can implement KPIs to monitor suppliers and their ability to deliver on time. 
Call today and we can share our numerous case studies highlighting success. #purchasing #supplychain #outsource #costsaving 
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