The phrase "low-hanging fruit" refers to easy-to-accomplish tasks or quick win problems in a particular situation. It's a cliché often uttered in business settings that are widely used and occasionally abused. 
Tasks described as "low-hanging fruit" are inconsequential to the larger challenges. Much like the easy but low priority items on your to-do list, they might be quick for you to dispatch but relatively insignificant considering the daily challenges within your company. So, organisations & individuals will forget about them, but just because its easy does not mean it will not yield significant return for a small investment in time. 
Pro Outsourcing have benchmark pricing for many products & services so can quickly identify "low-hanging fruit" to achieve instant savings. In fact, a 30 minute examination with a client last week identified a 70% reduction in courier prices. What could your company do with a saving like this? 
If you would like a quick benchmark pricing review on your purchases, please get in touch today. 
0044 1978897111 
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