The Labour Market Outlook (LMO), produced in partnership with The Adecco Group, reported that the demand for labour in Q1 2018 will remain robust. 
The survey data indicates that the strong demand for labour has led to a tightening labour market and an increase in recruitment difficulties over the past year. Among employers who currently have vacancies in their organisation, the share of organisations that report hard-to-fill vacancies has increased to almost two-thirds (64%) of establishments compared with just over half (56%) of organisations in 2017. Manufacturing making up 38% of those vacancies. 
The report also indicates that the pay outlook for private sector will have a limited upward pressure with median basic pay increase expectations in the 12 months to December 2018 is 2%, which is consistent with recent reports. 
Within Procurement & supply chain we are seeing many organisations struggle to find the right experience level for the roles available, tied into the pay outlook staying at around 2%. 
Is it time to look at a different model? 
Outsource your procurement to the professionals 
You already know how much time and effort it takes to handle day-to-day procurement activity. And since 80% of purchasing activity is focussed on just 20% of the total spend on average, why not let us take care of it for you? 
Think of us as your virtual CIPS-qualified procurement team. We’ll follow your approved purchasing processes, maintaining catalogues linked to agreed contracts, and sourcing suppliers for requisitions. 
We'll do all this, plus supplier and category management, at a fraction of what you’re spending on it now - freeing up your time to focus on business development rather than time-consuming low-value activities. 
It's why so many businesses outsource their procurement to us as their virtual team. Why not follow suit? 
So many big benefits: 
1. Reduce Your Costs - Outsourcing can cut your staff costs by as much as 30%. 
2. Gain Industry Expertise - Outsourcing gives you extensive expertise in procurement and supply chain so adds value to your company. 
3. Get Access to New Technologies - A wide talent pool means access to technological innovation that you can capitalise on. 
4. Acquire Scalable and Flexible Resources - This means your business gets what it needs, when it needs it. No more worrying about staff on holiday cover, sickness or growing the team. 
5. Focus on What YOU do best and Get More Done - Your staff should be spending their time developing your business, not worrying about buying widgets or Services. With flexible outsourcing, you free up your time. 
6. Better Communication = Better Results - Outsourcing ensures closer communication, fewer cultural differences and successful integration into your business. 
7. Greater Business Agility - Customers drive the marketplace so outsourcing enables you to stay ahead of competitors and exceed customer expectations. 
8. No HR / Legal Risk 
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