Behavioural Procurement 
How does your behaviour impact decisions that are made? 
There is no getting away from the fact that behaviour can have a direct impact on decisions. How often have you reacted to someone else because you took exception to how they were behaving or something that they had said? 
Behaviour will impact both of the decision makers – so never forget that you are part of this process and what you do or say can impact the outcome. But do you have a true reflection as to how you are perceived and how you influence things? 
There are a number of things that can influence any decision making process. These include past experiences, cognitive bias, individual differences as well as how facts, figures and options are presented. People don’t always make decisions based upon the logical outcome. People’s biases may be contrary to the logical decision outcome based upon the facts at hand. Therefore, there are ways in which you can influence this. 
• Anchor your facts – be precise with numbers, outcome, dates. Don’t round up the numbers and talk in multiples – talk about singles; what dates and outcomes are achievable. 
• Frame the direction – be factually correct but be careful with how you present things and use the positives – would you want to hear that 1 in 20 people will be affected, or 19 in 20 won’t be? 
• Your personality traits – you need to be aware of how you behave and how it could be interpreted. You may actually create a situation or outcome that wasn’t there in the first place. 
• Your soft skills that impact effective communication – what you think, what you put into words, what you say, what people here and what they actually understand. 
• Subtle actions need to be vocalised as well through active listening skills – repeat or re-phrase what you have heard even by simply stating “I’ve heard you say this…. Is this what you meant?” This allows you to clarify, adapt, interpret, check and confirm what has been agreed. 
Pro Outsourcing has worked with a number of clients to help develop stratagies for Procurement Teams around these areas, enable staff to understand their behaviours and how they can impact the outcomes for better performance. 
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