It is extremely easy to find that new product, item or raw material on page one of the search engine result so what’s the problem? 
Well, over the past 5 years we at Pro Outsourcing have helped many companies improve their procurement processes and procedures and have witnessed a rise in this behavior and can give you some reasons why GOOGLE buying could cause you and/or your organisation issues that will cost time and money to resolve. 
1. Due diligence - Experienced, financially capable? 
2. Non Negotiated Price - You can do so much better! 
3. Sustainability - Can they maintain product supply? 
4. Terms & Conditions - What are you signing up to? 
5. Latent defects - When it fails after a few months, can you return it? 
Many companies think the process of buying is simple and all that is required is to "google it", but in experienced hands the process will ensure best prices, security of supply and a product that meets expectations. 
Pro Outsourcing can help you improve your procurement processes and procedures, get in touch today
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